Attention!: Area 51 deals also with professional production and design of props for escape rooms, movies and advertisements! Each project is made into a 3D project prior to start of the work! If interested, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or phone number!

 “Area 51” or “Зона 51” is the first of its kind action-puzzle live entertainment, in which you are the main characters in the story. Transport into the future, where chaos rules and the threat of the zombie-apocalypse is very real… perhaps even a fact. Salvation is in your hands… literally! You will be properly equipped to enter direct confrontation with the threat and will have to rely on your tactics, logical thinking and agility! Become the last hope of mankind, along with your friends and save the world in 60min.! Will you make it?

Price: zone rental - 30lv. + 15lv. per player on team